Twisting and Turning but Still Stable

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This pair of Adinkra Resin Earrings houses the symbol,  "NKYINKYIM" which roughly translates to "twisting."

This is a symbol of initiative, dynamism, and versatility. Versatility is such an important quality, especially in one’s spiritual life.  Versatility is about giving ourselves permission to move beyond our traditional ways of thinking.  It enables us to go with the flow through life, adapting to what life brings us.  It allows us to expand past our self-imposed limits and access the free creative nature of our Spirit.  

Resin, and Sterling Silver.  


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  • 1.How soon can we purchase your art for the king in ourlives? 2.Suggestion; Couple piece.

    Peace Beautiful Mizsunni;    We are happy to say we just released our first big product for men.  The "I AM" Strength & Power Bracelet.  Interestingly, we are getting quite a positive response from women as well.  Which may also may it a great item for couples.   We absolutely love your idea about creating pieces for couples.  We put this on the creative board for development.    Please note, if there is ever something you desire that is not on the Art & Alchemy site, we can co-create custom pieces to your specific desires.  Reach out to us and we can make this happen.   We appreciate your questions and suggestions.  Please keep them coming!    Always in Love and Light.