The Healing Jewelry Circle

The Healing Jewelry Circle™:
Learn to Make Jewelry, Learn Yourself.  

In 2009, we expanded our company to include the Healing Jewelry Circle™ in response to the growing desire of clients to express their creativity, learn a new skill, and to quote a recent student, “find a fun and productive way to spend their spare time.”  In the spirit of Maya Angelo who said, "When you learn, teach. When you get, give,"  The Healing Jewelry Circle™ is exclusively devoted to fulfilling this philosophy.  The classes reflect the ideas that are infused in every piece of Jewelry produced by Nyaima Simón Designs:

  1. Everyone is gifted with a unique voice that must be nurtured and shared with the world through their personal expression.
  1. Everyone deserved to wear beautiful expressive jewelry regardless of social status.
  1. Deeper spiritual meanings should be placed on the things we do, consume, and wear.
  1. Aligning to your creativity arms you with the basic tools and strong foundation to create the life of your choosing.

Class size is limited so that each participant receives personalized attention.  Unlike other classes, students are encouraged to make the item of their choosing, as opposed to working from a kit or following the exact design of the instructor.  This gives each student the opportunity to find and connect with their inner voice, their innermost creativity.      

Women's groups, schools, bookstores, mental health organizations, alternative health and healing organizations, Religious Groups have been added to our list of clientele.  Healing Jewelry Circle™ travels state-to-state teaching classes, offering others the opportunity to tap into their innate creative energy using the medium of Jewelry.    

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