Our Story

Our Inception

While attending West African Dance classes in Harlem, New York, Ny Simón became fascinated with the colorful, spiritual, musical, and vivid adornments worn by the Sisters and Brothers in attendance.  Working on a limited budget and driven by awe, curiosity, and creativity, she and her sister set out to ‘replicate’ what they had seen.  The first creation was a set of waistbeads, adornments that are worn around the waist of woman to honor their feminine energy and principle that resides in them.  They carefully selected bead colors and stones based on their metaphysical meanings, and patched together numerical patterns rooted in their quantitative meaning.  This marked the beginning of a voracious and boundless relationship with fabricating Talismanic Adornments and Jewelry and providing services that deliver direct spiritual value.    

Almost two decades later, the Sisters proudly continue this legacy of creating personalized spiritual adornments and accessories together with the Art & Alchemy team.  They remain dedicated to exploring the limitless possibilities of using jewelry as a medium to enhance, express, excite, and connect to the “personal” Spirit.

Our Core

Art & Alchemy has three driving Principles:

       1.  People are Pure Creative Energy.  

Art in our name represents both the creativity of our designs as well as the creativity that resides in the wearer/possessor of our adornments and accessory. 

      2.  Alchemy is the transformative characteristic of Creativity, pure imagination.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools that will unleash their creative powers so they can use the art of alchemy to deliberately create the life of their desire - Unlocking the truth of this reality.

      3.  Art is a way to communicate with Spirit.  

Art is a tangible interpretation of Spirit, and a powerful gateway for inter-spirit


The Jewelry

Art & Alchemy prides itself on our specialize handcrafted production process.  Our products and services are customized and created with the pure intention of uplifting our clients.  Products and services that are meant to spark, enhance, nurture, develop, and expand the inner creativity and Spirit of people.

Our philosophy and approach to creating jewelry has not changed since the company's inception. Our designs remain deceptively simple and sophisticated, yet highly distinctive and meaningful. We ensure each piece is personal, meaningful, and professionally crafted.  This intent starts at idea conception, strings into the fabrication process, and is reflected in the finished product.  

Our team enjoys the freedom of working with a large variety of materials, techniques, and styles, giving a natural organic quality to the finished product.  This may cost more than the mass produced options that saturate the market, however, it guarantees that our clients receive exactly what they want, as well as an item as unique as the individual.  To view our work, please visit our  Gallery.

Our Services

Our original role of simply producing personalized "Handmade Jewelry" has enhanced dramatically over the years.  Today, our company not only produces personalized handmade jewelry, we also offer customized jewelry making workshops and classes, Healing Jewelry Circle™ Retreats, offer clients the opportunity to Host Jewelry Making parties, as well as host Private Showings.  To learn more about hosting an event or private showing, please contact us through our Contact Page.        

To view and purchase an item, please visit our Gallery page.

To see what our clients have to say about us, visit our Testimonials page.