“I AM” A Created Creator

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The number three is embedded within the pattern/shape of the triangle.  A triangle is made up of three lines.  The number three and the Trinity have a host of meanings, including balance, power, Guidance, and Divine Protection.  It also represents the Creation process.    

A mini numerology breakdown:

The Power of the Trinity is driven by the number three, which is the numerological combination of 1 and 2.  Each number builds upon the next.

One (1) is All that is.

Two (2) is Duality.  If one is all that is, the only way for it to know itself to create a reflection.

Three (3) is Manifestation, the combination of all that is knowing herself, manifestations occur.

You are the Manifested creation of the Great Divine.  Created in her image.  You have the power to Create.  You are a created Creator.


Made of Microbeads, Resin, Papyrus, Copper Findings.




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