"I AM" Blue-Copper Bloom Earrings

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The backdrop of these earrings contains a rich blue often associated with deep waters, emotions, intuition, creativity, expansiveness, freedom, and sensitivity.  Some other adjectives include loyalty, trust, faith, and intelligence.  These are all states of being (words) to affirm.

A Copper-tone "I AM" is then boldly set in the sea of Navy Blue to accentuate the healing aspects of these characteristics.   

Wear these Transformational Adornments to heal with the nurturing and life-giving power of water, who intuitively knows what you need.  

"I Am" is one of the most powerful declarations you can say to the universe.  It's not just a statement, it is a command, an action word.  It is identifying your state of being and creating your becoming.

Affirmations are positive, clear streams of words or phrases that support higher frequencies of thought, states of being, action, and behavior.  Affirmations should move you vibrationally.  You should feel the energetic shift when you say or think those words.

Many people characterize affirmations as simply positive thinking.  Please know that the power of affirmation resides in the ability of the words to help you shift your vibration into one that matches the energy of the affirming word(s).  It is the emotion of the statement that propels you.  It is the vibration, aligning with the pure positive energy, not the "positive thoughts."

Earwires are copper, they can be changed to another metal upon request.  


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