"I AM" Duality Squared

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Two Tier Navy Blue "I AM" Earrings.  These transformational adornments are loaded with meaning.  

Use these adornments to rise above the illusion of duality on this earthly plane.  

The number Two represents duality.  The Law of Duality states that everything is continuous and has a complementary opposite within the whole.  Duality exists in this physical world, however, energetically, opposites are only the two extremes of the same thing.  Duality represents varying degrees of the same thing.  

The Square represents the number four (made up of 4 lines) and Earthly matters.  Examples can be witnessed all throughout this world:  Four seasons, four directions, four corners, four elements, etc.  The Square represents the physical aspect of man and earth.  Its associated with laying foundations, creating stability, and maintaining conscious awareness. 

The backdrop of these earrings contains a rich blue often associated with deep waters, emotions, intuition, creativity, expansiveness, freedom, and sensitivity.  Some other adjectives include loyalty, trust, faith, and intelligence.  These are all states of being (words) to affirm.

Wood, Papyrus, Resin, Sterling Silver Earwires


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