"I AM" Silver Bells

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Bells are known to call us.  They call us into Pray, remind us of our spiritual calling, induce an increased frequency within us, and act as a communication with the Divine.  

These earrings are composed of prominently placed Black "I AM" on a Silver background.  Silver is identified with the powers of the Moon, which is associated with psychic abilities, dreams, emotions, nurturing, Love, peace, and protection.  Silver is also known as a purifying agent.    

The Black is known for Mystery and the Unknown.  The idea of the bell is to summon the unknown, or what is known but suppressed into your conscious experience by aligning your frequency through its sound. 

Wear these Transformational Adornments to receive the same stimulating reminder you would receive hearing a perfectly tuned bell being rung.  Your adornments may not have the audio that a bell does, but they match in intention and frequency. 


Two Swarovski crystal cap the glass beads which are used to accent and amplify.  

Wood, Resin, Papyrus, Acrylic, Glass Beads.  Black Base metal ear-wires can be changed to a different metal for sensitive ears, or personal desire.


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