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Our physicality makes it easy for us to forget that we are made up of more than our body.  Our body has an energetic motor, Spirit.  It is this Spirit, this Essence that connects us to the Source and feeds life into us!  Without this intelligence, your body would be just flesh and bone.  

Don't be fooled by the 'realness' of your physical body, and the physical matter manifested in this world.  Your true essence is Spirit, Source, Universal Energy.    


Even in your most turbulent times.  Find comfort in knowing you are more and that there is more.  

Made of Copper, and Swarovski Crystals.  Copper has been revered and used for thousands of years, by many cultures, as a remedy for several ailments.  

For those of you who love Chemistry (we secretly adore chemistry geeks), you probably know that Copper, CU, is element 29 on the periodic table.  In the science of Numerology, 29 resolves to the Master number 11. The 11 symbolizes the human potential to obtain 'absolute' spiritual clarity while here on this plane.  It is harmonious duality.  It is the rhythmic relationship between perceived opposites:  man and spirit, light and dark, life and death, external and internal - Mastery of the number 11 show you the true relationship that exists - all things are one (1).  

Original, One of a Kind.  Wear them with all your uniqueness.


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