Goddess Rising Kit - Items That Will Activate And Nurture The Goddess Within

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INTRODUCING...The Goddess Rising Kit

Art & Alchemy Goddess Rising Kit is for every Woman who feels her Goddess calling her.  It is for the woman who wants to feel whole. For the woman who wants to access her deep-seated power and Divine Femininity.

 As a woman, there is a huge problem you face right now.  You live in a society that has negated the value of the Goddess.  This would not be so bad if you weren’t constantly bombarded with images and advertisements that reinforce this message of unworthiness.  How can you truly love yourself through all that negative chatter?

 What makes this even worse is the fact that without the right tools it will be nearly impossible to counteract the negative energy society has created around the Goddess!  Which means you will continue to feel that nagging feeling.  The feeling that there is more of you to be expressed.  You will continue to feel unworthy of all life has to offer you.

And, worst of all, many Women who want to connect with their Divine Feminine Energy secretly believe the Goddess is not real.

All this can make trying to walk in your power a nightmare!  But luckily, there are tools.  There are methods.  

So, if you're a Woman who feels her Goddess calling her, and are ready to feel your wholeness, and access your deep-seated power, "Art & Alchemy Goddess Rising Kit" is the answer you've been looking for!

The Goddess Rising Kit will:

  • TRUSTED!  Each kit is blessed, and especially "TUNED" for the Goddess who receives it.  The contents enable you to feel more confident about yourself Effortlessly
  • EASY to USE. You don't have to be a shaman or spiritual guru to use Art & Alchemy's Goddess Rising Kit.  You will begin to walk in your truth, knowing that the Goddess is real.
  • PROVIDES the SUPPORT you desire but may not be aware just how much you need it.  As you connect to your Goddess, you live a more joyful life. And when you are in alignment with your Authentic Self, you move with an ease and flow that fosters joy.
  • DEEPEN RELATIONSHIPS.  As you connect more with yourself, your capacity to connect more deeply with others increases.

The kit is load with items specifically tailored to activate and enhance your Divine Feminine - Your Goddess.   Goddess Beads, crystals, and Goddess Anointing Oils are standards in the kit.  We will intuitively prescribe items to your kits, based on your needs.

UNCOMMON! The items in the kits are curated by Goddesses invested in your growth. 

You've waited long enough to live a more joyful life.  It is time to come into alignment with your Authentic Self.  And when you do, you will move with an ease and flow that fosters Joy, Joy, Joy! - Order Now!




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