Golden Protection

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Wear these beads to:  

  • To increase your awareness of Spirit flowing in Your Life;
  • Connect to your feminine energy;
  • Ward of negative energies;
  • Strengthens your energetic system;
  • Cleanses and Purifies;
  • Promotes openness, growth, and great health;  
  • Love and deepens your connection to the Goddess Within.

These beads contain dyed pieces of coral.  Like shells, coral possesses the energetic gifts of the ocean, the element of water.  Water, the sacred elixir represents flow, emotions, moment, change, and healing.  

The gold and white beads accent each other.  Energetically Gold symbolizes illumination, ascension, purification, abundance, and spiritual knowledge to name a few.  White is it like an artist’s canvas, it paves the way for creation. White contains a balance of all colors in the spectrum and represents the full aspects of the colors containing both the positive and negative aspects.

The color white is reflective and stimulates openness, growth, and creativity, cleansing, and has the ability to amplify.

These beads possess the energy of the number three and in these beads represents the power of the Trinity, Divine Protection and guidance.   


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