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is being willing to venture outside your comfort zone; to do what others are unwilling or unable to do, and to live in alignment with your own desires and spirit.  It implies that on a deeper level you have faith in the goodness and in the protection of the Universe.  

These transformational adornments are created with two rich and powerful colors, Gold and Silver.  Silver is associated with the qualities of the moon:  feminine, intuitive, reflective, emotional, and moving.  Gold is the color of riches, wealth, achievement, success. However, on a spiritual and metaphysical level, it is associated with enlightenment, higher ideals, and having a deep understanding of Spirit.  

The Swarovski Crystal embellishment adds an Exclamation Point on your Boldness, just in case someone didn't notice. 


Resin, Silver Foil, Swarovski crystal.  Ear-hooks are Silver.  They can be changed to a different metal for sensitive ears, or personal preference.


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