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Anointing Oils are used for:  healing; amplifying prayers; meditation; and consecration (the act of making or declaring something).  To be anointed means you have been ‘Divinely Designated, or chosen to fulfill a purpose; endowed with certain gifts and qualities that aid you successfully fulfilling your mandate.  

These oils are not used to “Give you power” you didn’t have before.  They are used to remind you that you are an anointed Creator, created by the Creator.

Use Anointing Oils to:

  • Connect more deeply to your inner being;
  • Increase Your Personal Power;
  • Resonant with your natural body frequency;
  • Acknowledge and feel comfortable with your uniqueness;
  • Protect yourself from subtle negative energies;
  • Cleanse Aura, psychic energetic planes;
  • All natural fragrance;
  • Prepare to engage in deep spiritual work, including meditation, prayer, healing, tuning your frequency;
  • Open energetic gateways;
  • Mental Empowerment.

All oils made with Pure grade Essential Oils.  Oils will be created based off a short assessment.  Telephone option available. 

Some interesting points about Anointing Oils:

  • In ancient times, the average woman’s perfume was her anointing oil.  Oils that specifically matched her frequency, gifts, and purpose.  Not generic, unhealthy, and unnatural perfumes that are not personally connected to the wearer in any way.  
  • Like visual images, scents are capable of changing our states of being.  Think about an experience or person you associate with a particular scent; a time when you smelled a familiar scent and it literally took you back to the first moment you smelled it.  The senses are associated with translating the material world, but they can also be conduits to the spiritual world.    

Bottle Size Varies depending on the types of oils that are used in your custom blend.  In the rare occasion that an exotic oil is required in your recipe, we will contact you to detail the cost, as well as other options.  



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