Pythagoras' Spirals

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 Let this collection of Beautifying elements: Mother-of-Pearl, foundational shapes, inspire you to define or redefine your definition of Your delicate internal Beauty.  

Shells have a long history of spiritual uses, as many believed they imbued the power possessed by the element of water and the emotion of Love.  In their natural roles, shells are used to protect the vulnerable aspects of creatures.  Shells are also associated with the moon.  

“Shells are gentle healers and messengers, and very powerful tools of transformation. Each seashell was created as its home by an individual animal who had their own package of DNA and their own consciousness. Each shell, therefore, has its own bundle of information to share with us. That information is waiting to be accessed whenever we hold a particular shell, or even just look at one in a photograph.”  - Tracy Holmes

These earnings are also composed of the basic shapes, squares, and circles.  Squares represent the Earthly plane, while the circle represents Totality, Oneness, Unity, continuity, the All there Is, and the infinite nature of Energy.

The square and circle shapes combined are related in Euclid’s 47th problem of “Squaring The Circle.”  Metaphysically, Squaring the circle relates to man's innate desire to harmonize our physical and spiritual natures.

Spirals symbolize changes and remind you that there is always more to be seen (look behind the veil). Symbolically, spirals are closely connected to the circle, it is an evolution of the circle.  Change is one of the primary characteristics of these symbols.  Change sometimes presents a challenge for us.  However, when you remain in the Spirit of the "I AM" change equates to a welcome growth; an evolution that brings us closer to our true Self.    

Shell, Resin, Papyrus, gold plated findings.




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