"Uncovered" Goddess Beads

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Wear these beads to:  

  • Enhance your femininity 
  • Naturally, increase your sensitivity to subtle energies 
  • Promotes Love and deepens your connection to the Goddess Within 
  • Be "Uncovered" from the energies that block your natural flow
  • "Uncover" Your true Goddess Love Energy with the safety of Protection 

Dyed Pink Shells and Pink Glass beads compose these feminine waistbeads.  Shells have a long history of spiritual uses, as many believed they imbue the power possessed by the element of water and the emotion of Love.  In their natural roles, shells are used to protect the vulnerable aspects of creatures.  Shells are also associated with the moon.  

The Pink accentuates the aspects of Love and Goddess Energy.  Pink is associated with unconditional Love, understanding, Compassion, and caring.  This is the time for you to take care of your Goddess Energy.  

“Shells are gentle healers and messengers, and very powerful tools of transformation. Each seashell was created as its home by an individual animal who had their own package of DNA and their own consciousness.  Each shell, therefore, has its own bundle of information to share with us.  That information is waiting to be accessed whenever we hold a particular shell, or even just look at one in a photograph.”

- Tracy Holmes


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